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Jermaine, 19

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Jermaine Richards 19, born in Middletown, Ohio. A small town once flourishing with businesses and known for its talents in the sports sector. Now plagued by poverty and drugs the city's youth are at risk. Jermaine, raised by his mother decided at a young age to stay the course and become a leader. He fell in love with wrestling as a sophomore in high school and soon excelled at it as well as Cross Country. After graduating in 2019, he joined the Air Force reserves. Jermaine is now an assistant coach with the Middletown High School / Junior High wrestling team. A certified physical therapist aid, and he is actively seeking to bring more awareness to the sport of wrestling in Middletown. His dream is to one day open his own smoothie shop.

     "A lot of the good qualities I own came from my dad. I've always been a sponge and a kid at the same time. I really enjoy being a big brother to my twin brothers and younger sister. I'm a champion for my hometown, and being involved with the Enbloc10 community allows me to see the impact that positive initiatives can have within a community. Enbloc10 is continuously equipping me with life skills and mentorship. I have asperations to better my community and one day become a successful business owner."

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Barry, 18

Barry Brown 18, grew up in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio raised by his mother. Surrounded by crime, losing childhood friends and day-to-day peer pressure, Barry defied the odds by seeking mentorship, sports and being a big brother to his younger siblings. Barry displayed mental toughness when he needed it the most and met all the criteria's to obtain a football scholarship at the University of Tiffin. Barry is now excelling academically while holding a position as linebacker for the defending champions: The 2019 Tiffin Dragons.                                                                                                                                                                                                               "I really appreciate the mentorship of Enbloc10. On our mission trip to Atlanta, Georgia I learned a lot while meeting different black professionals who look like myself. It allowed me to experience something different from what I see in Cincinnati. Ultimately it confirmed that one day I would like to be a business owner like my mother."

Dehvin, 17

Dehvin Brown 17, a young man who continues to prove that Down Syndrome will not keep him from enjoying life. Though his condition stops him from participating in certain activities, he has refused to allow it to stop him from dancing. Better known as 'Dancing Dehvin'  in the greater Cincinnati area, he competes in competitions worldwide and has become a Tik-Tok sensation. Dehvin is preparing to graduate from Colerain Highschool in 2021.

     Dehvin is such a joy to be around. His smile is luminous and always on display. He is loved by so many and such an inspiration to those who are living with Down Syndrome. We the Enbloc10 Community thank Dehvin for being such an impactful young man to so many, and we will continue to support him and the fight against Down Syndrome. 

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